16 November 2009

Theoretical perspectives on autobiographical memory

Theoretical perspectives on autobiographical memory, 13-16 June 2010 at Department of Psychology, Aarhus University

More than 20 years after the publication of the first book launching research on Autobiographical memory the field has grown dramatically and demonstrated its significance in numerous ways. It has shown a strong ability to establish clear empirical generalizations that would hardly have been established through traditional laboratory experiments with neutral verbal materials. It has shown its practical relevance by deepening our understanding of several clinical disorders, and by demonstrating the induction of false memories in the legal system. It has become an important topic for brain studies, and thus helped to enlarge our general understanding of the neural basis for behavior. It appears that the time is now ready for reconsidering autobiographical memory by discussing and trying to integrate the theoretical perspectives that have evolved over the years concerning its basic neural systems, underlying cognitive structures, retrieval processes, how it develops in infancy and childhood, breaks down in aging and dementia, its social and cultural aspects and its relation to personality and the self.

This conference seeks to do so by bringing together some of the most outstanding researchers on autobiographical memory and having each of them presenting their key findings and particular theoretical perspective on the field in relation to their area of expertise. In addition, we invite all researchers in the field to submit poster presentations describing some of their most recent and exciting findings concerning autobiographical memory.
Keynote speakers include:

* Alan Baddeley, University of York
* Patricia Bauer, Emory University
* Dorthe Berntsen, Aarhus University
* Norman Brown, University of Alberta
* Roberto Cabeza, Duke University
* Martin Conway, University of Leeds
* Arnaud D'Argembeau, University of Liège
* William Hirst, New School for Social Research
* Joseph, Fitzgerald, Wayne State University
* Robyn Fivush, Emory University
* Tilmann Habermas, Frankfurt University
* Morris Moscovitch, University of Toronto
* David Pillemer, University of New Hampshire
* David C. Rubin, Duke University

Submission of abstract - on-line - guidelines

We welcome submissions of abstracts for poster presentation at the conference. Notification whether the abstract is accepted will be sent to the presenting author no later than 15 March, 2010. All accepted abstracts can ONLY be selected for poster presentation. Only on-line submission is possible. Abstracts sent by fax or paper-copies will be rejected. Please read the guidelines carefully before submission. Deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 January, 2010. Abstracts should be sent as an attachment to the following email address AM@remove.this.psy.au.dk

The conference "Theoretical perspectives on autobiographical memory" is being held:
13-16 June 2010 at Department of Psychology, Aarhus University

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