Effects of Joint and Multimodal Remembering on Collaborative Learning (DistributedLearning)

Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship for Career Development (2013-2015)
Funding: European Commission, FP7
Host institute: Telecom ParisTech, Department of Economic and Social Sciences 

Often remembering in learning activities is supported by the social and material environment in which the specific activities unfold. Hence, by paying particular attention to role of joint remembering in multimodal interactions in relation to educational and work environments, the general aims of this project are: i) to examine how collaborative learning is grounded in successful joint remembering processes; and ii) to explore the central role the integration of linguistic, embodied, social and material resources play in collaborative learning activities, by transforming them into distributed practices across space and time. 

_ Bietti, L.M., Baker, M. J., & Detienne, F. (submitted). Joint remembering in collaborative design: a multimodal approach in the case of a video design studio. 
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_ Bietti, L.M. & Baker, M.J. (submitted). Collaborating to remember collaborative creativity: a case study.
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