1 July 2012

Workshop/Conference: Emotion - Violence - Memory

When: July 4-6
Where: Cluster of Excellence ‘Languages of Emotion’, FU Berlin

This workshop invites contributions that explore how people in societies of past and ongoing conflict overcome, communicate, and remember experiences of collective, political and gendered violence. It does so with a core focus on the emotions that are evoked, articulated, and/or regulated in these processes. By bringing together scholars from different disciplines we aim to break new ground in the emerging field at the intersection of emotion, collective memory and violence.
Recent studies on memory have revealed the dynamics between the individual and the social, emphasizing how individual and collective memory is mutually constitutive. The individual enters the collective and the collective shapes what is individually remembered. While highlighting these processes as both psychological and social, the role of emotions in processes of collective memory has been underexplored. Yet, research over the last decades has shown that emotions as bio-cultural processes are pivotal aspects of social relations, often embedded in relations of power. They constitute political and social resources that are crucial for the construction and reconstruction of communities.
We thus turn our attention to the linkages emotions articulate with various forms and practices of remembrance of violent experiences. Our vantage point is the assumption that all forms and acts of remembering are inseparable from emotions shaped by the social, cultural and political contexts in which they occur. This workshop discusses these processes and opens new avenues of thought.

Please find the complete program here (PDF).

Please note that registration is required for the workshop (
reynaud@zedat.fu-berlin.de). The keynote address by Veena Das is open to the public.

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