7 March 2012

Remembering in Context: Social, Cognitive, Linguistic, and Material Aspects of Memory

June 14 - 16, 2012

Dr. Lucas M. Bietti (Essen/Amsterdam), Prof. William Hirst (New York)
Dr. Charles B. Stone (Louvain-la-Neuve)

Provisional Program:
Thursday, June 14th, 2012
9.30- 9.40         Welcome and Introduction
Day 1: Psychosocial, Emotional, Political and Media Aspects of Remembering
Steve Brown (Leicester): The Moving Past: On the Relationship Between Social Remembering and Collective Emotion
Christian Gudehus (Flensburg): Sedimented Experiences, Theories of Actions and their Relation to Past, Present, and Future
11.20 –11.40                 Coffee/Tea Break
11.40-12. 30
Kyoko Murakami (Bath): Remembrance and Communitas: Pilgrimages to Prison Camps and Battlegrounds in the Far East
12.30-14.00                  Lunch Break
14.00-14.50 Open Forum
Paula Reavey (London): Ars Oblivionalis: The Ethical Dimensions of Social Forgetting
15.40-16.00                  Coffee break
Andrew Hoskins (Glasgow): Into the Deep Now: Remembering After the Connective Turn
16.50-17.05 Alan Cienki (Amsterdam) Discussant
17.05-17.45 Discussion
18.00                Dinner at ZiF

Friday, June 15th, 2012
Day 2:  The Cognitive, Linguistic and Interactional Basis of Remembering
Alan Cienki (Amsterdam) & Lucas Bietti (Essen/Amsterdam): A Qualitative Method for Analyzing Processes of Multimodal Alignment During Shared Remembering
Anna Kuhlen (Berlin): Storytelling as Joint Activity: Interactive, Multimodal, and Neurophysiological Perspectives
11.20-11.40                  Coffee Break
Gerald Echterhoff (Münster): The Context-Sensitive Reorganization of Person Memory: Effects of Post-Communication Feedback in Studies of Shared Reality
12.30-14.00                  Lunch Break
Irene Mittelberg (Aachen): At Human Scale: Gestural Memories of Architectural Space
Michele Summa (Heidelberg) & Sabine Koch (Heidelberg): Body Memory: Phenomenological Approach and Empirical Findings
15.40-16.00                  Coffee Break
Chris Sinha (Lund): Finding Ourselves in Time: Time intervals as Cultural Artefacts
16.50-17.05 William Hirst (New York) Discussant
17.05-17.45 Discussion

Saturday, June 16th, 2012
Day 3: Autobiographical, Collective and Distributed Remembering
William Hirst (New York): Differences in Generational Memories of Conflict and War: Some Underlying Cognitive Processes
Charles Stone (Louvain): Toward a Science of Silence: Retrieval-Induced Forgetting and The Consequences of Leaving a Memory Unsaid
11.20-11.40                  Coffee Break
Celia Harris (Sydney): Cognitive Interdependence and Shared Remembering in Older Couples
12.30-14.00       Lunch Break
14.00- 14.50
Elise van den Hoven (Eindhoven): Materializing Memories: Using Design to Support Everyday Remembering
Hans J. Markowitsch (Bielefeld): When Remembering Becomes Knowledge – The Riddle of Dissociative Amnesia
15.40-16.00       Andrew Hoskins (Glasgow) Discussant
16.00-16.20       Coffee Break
16.20-17.00 Final Discussion and Concluding Remarks

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