26 February 2012

Social Cognition, Engagement, and the Second-Person-Perspective

Interdisciplinary Conference

When: May 25-27, 2012
Where: University of Cologne
Deadline for submissions (posters only): March 1st

What are the psychological processes and neural mechanisms enabling social cognition? How might social cognition be modulated depending on whether one is actively engaged in social interaction with someone or merely observing others interact? What is the impact of this distinction for research methodologies in social psychology and social neuroscience as well as for our understanding of conditions like autism? In particular, this conference brings together experts from various fields to promote the prospects of a second-person approach for future research into the foundations of social cognition.

Speakers and Discussants: 

Cristina Becchio (Torino); Alan Costall (Portsmouth); Chris Frith (London); Uta Frith (London); Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg); Shaun Gallagher (Memphis); Tobias Grossmann (Leipzig); Riita Hari (Helsinki); Günther Knoblich (Budapest); Agnes Kovacs (Budapest); Joel Krueger (Kopenhagen); Cade McCall (Leipzig); Victoria McGeer (Princeton); Albert Newen (Bochum); Vasudevi Reddy (Portsmouth); Erik Rietveld (Amsterdam); Norihiro Sadato (Tokyo); Leonhard Schilbach (Cologne); Tobias Schlicht (Bochum); Natalie Sebanz (Nijmegen); Corrado Sinigaglia (Milan); Nikolaus Steinbeis (Leipzig); Bert Timmermans (Cologne); Kai Vogeley (Cologne); Wako Yoshida (London)

Call for Posters
We invite submissions of high quality posters from any discipline on topics related to the main theme of the conference. Posters should be directly submitted in pdf format or by way of an abstract of approx. 500 words. Contact details – authors’ names, postal address, affiliation and e-mail address – should be given separately. Please submit your posters by email to Nike Zohm nike.zohm@rub.de before March 1st, 2012

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schlicht (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Dr. Leonhard Schilbach (Uniklinik Köln), Dr. Nikolaus Steinbeis (MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig), Dr. Bert Timmermans (Uniklinik Köln)

Further Information: http://www.rub.de/philosophy/2ppconference

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