30 July 2011

The Cultural Constitution of Causal Cognition

The Cultural Constitution of Causal Cognition:

Setting the Stage for a Cross-Disciplinary Endeavour

Where: Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Bielefeld

When: October 13 - 14, 2011

Convenors: Andrea Bender (Freiburg), Sieghard Beller (Freiburg)

The opening conference brings together scholars from different fields of the cognitive sciences to explore the interplay of culture and causal cognition. While different sciences investigate these topics respectively and in combination, the conference aims at integrating the different approaches to develop a more complex (and complete) perspective on The Cultural Constitution of Causal Cognition.

The first day of the conference is devoted to disciplinary Perspectives on Causal Cognition. In a series of talks, experts report on their discipline’s state of the art of research on causal cognition.

On the second day, we explore the potential for Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries. This includes talks on the role of Anthropology as a discipline and cultural expertise in general in the Cognitive Sciences. A panel discussion on the challenges and chances of cross-disciplinary work elaborates the institutional setting of the current scientific landscape. This more abstract lay of the land is followed by panels on particular themes that are explored from various disciplinary perspectives. A key note speech on The Cultural Nature of Causal Cognition will integrate the epistemological and heuristic challenges of studying causal cognition with special attention to cultural diversity.

The conference receives funding from the German Research Foundation.

See preliminary program here

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