28 December 2010

New publication: 'Piercing memories': Empty spaces in the histories of Argentinean families

Bietti, L. (2011). 'Piercing memories': Empty spaces in the histories of Argentinean families. Memory Studies 4 (1), 83-87.
Abstract. This brief article particularly focuses on my ‘piercing memories’ of the 1976—83 military dictatorship when visiting a photography exhibition about the missing people. As an Argentinean born in Buenos Aires 30 years ago, I do not have many personal recollections of the period of dictatorship, yet the photographs of the exhibition act as external memory devices, enabling me to reconstruct and re-encounter both the largely forgotten and unarticulated personal experiences as well as the socially shared memories about what happened under the dictatorship. Despite the lack of first-hand knowledge and direct suffering — I do not have a missing relative - my ‘piercing memories’ of this traumatic period in Argentinean history are still very emotionally loaded and play a central role in defining my identity and personal motivations.

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