30 March 2010

New issue of Memory Studies available now


Jonathan Dunnage, Perpetrator memory and memories about perpetrators: Editorial

Emiliano Perra, Legitimizing fascism through the Holocaust? The reception of the miniseries Perlasca: un eroe italiano in Italy

Jennifer Cazenave, A history of images or an image of history? Jonathan Littell’s The Kindly Ones

Claire Eldridge,

Blurring the boundaries between perpetrators and victims: Pied-noir memories and the harki community

Clare Bielby,

Remembering the Red Army Faction

Julian Preece,

The lives of the RAF revisited: The biographical turn

Oven Evans, R

edeeming the demon? The legacy of the Stasi in Das Leben der Anderen

Cristian Tileaga, Book Review: Book Review: The Poetics of Memory in Post-Totalitarian Narration Johanna Lindbladh (ed.) Lund: Print-Media Tryck, Centre for European Studies, Lund University, 2008. 201 pp. ISSN 16542185

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