24 January 2010

New issue of Memory Studies available now


Wulf Kansteiner, Memory, Media and Menschen: Where is the individual in collective memory studies?

Harald Welzer, Re-narrations: How pasts change in conversational remembering

Christopher J. Hewer and Malgorzata Kut, Historical legacy, social memory and representations of the past within a Polish community

Neil Narine, Film sound and American cultural memory: Resounding trauma in Sophie's Choice

Ana Margarita Ramos, 'The good memory of this land': Reflections on the processes of memory and forgetting

Jens Brockmeier, Robyn Fivush, and Patrick H. Hutton, Book Review: Cultural Memory Studies: An International and Interdisciplinary Handbook, Astrid Erll and Ansgar Nünning (eds) Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2008, 441 pp. $118.00 ISBN 978 3110188608. Reviewed by Jens Brockmeier, Robyn Fivush, Patrick H. Hutton


Unknown said...

hi Lucas! I hope you remember me, we exchanged some emails time about about livememories ( http://www.livememories.org )!

I would like to ask you if you would be able to suggest me a list of papers that deal with how collective memories processes are changing due to Internet and in general communication technologies.


Lucas Bietti said...

Hi Paolo,

I've just sent you an email with some papers. Have a look at them.