14 July 2009

Culture, family and communicative memory

A conference hosted by Emory's MARIAL Center
Harald Welzer, Ph.D., Director, research professor, social psychology, Center for Interdisciplinary Memory Research at Essen (Germany)
Dan P. McAdams, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology, School of Education and Social Policy/Foley Center, Northwestern University
William Hirst, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology, New School for Social Research in New York
Mark Freeman, Ph.D., Professor, Psychology, College of the Holy Cross
Experts on memory, family history and cultural life scripts gathered at Emory University in December 2008 for a two-day conference on memory. Psychologists from Denmark and Germany joined American researchers to discuss collective memories, family narratives and life stories. Here are lectures from some of the guest speakers who presented their research at the conference.
Source: Journal of Family Life.

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