31 March 2021

Bietti, L.M., Slakmon, B.Z., Baker, M.J., Détienne, F., Safin, S., & Schwarz, B.B. (2021). The DIALLS Platform: Supporting cultural literacy and understanding of European values over the Internet. In F. Maine & M. Vrikki (eds.) Dialogue for Intercultural Understanding (pp. 87-101). Cham: Springer. 

Abstract: In this chapter we present the process of designing and developing a novel online platform for supporting cultural literacy learning, involving the elaboration and understanding of European values in collaborative dialogue between students, with teacher-led reflection on wordless texts. Wordless texts are books or videos that comprise sequences of pictures which stimulate student readers to reconstruct the attendant narratives. The narratives in question, available publicly, are designed to stimulate discussions relating to European values, notably tolerance, empathy and inclusion. The main questions for platform design were therefore how to facilitate productive discussions involving European values, on or around such wordless texts, and to structure such discussions in a way that is closely anchored in the texts.

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