30 October 2019

Special issue: Remembering with Others

Remembering with Others: Conversational Dynamics and Mnemonic Outcomes
Editors: Lucas Bietti & Charles Stone

Editors’ Introduction: Remembering With Others: Conversational Dynamics and Mnemonic Outcomes
Lucas M. Bietti & Charles B. Stone

Memory at the Sharp End: The Costs of Remembering With Others in Forensic Contexts
Lorraine Hope & Fiona Gabbert

The Mnemonic Consequences of Jurors’ Selective Retrieval During Deliberation
Alexander C. V. Jay, Charles B. Stone, Robert Meksin, Clinton Merck, Natalie S. Gordon & William Hirst

Communication in Theory and Research on Transactive Memory Systems: A Literature Review.
Vesa Peltokorpi & Anthony C. Hood

Features of Successful and Unsuccessful Collaborative Memory Conversations in LongMarried Couples.
Celia B. Harris, Amanda J. Barnier, John Sutton & Greg Savage

Social Transmission of False Memory in Small Groups and Large Networks
Raeya Maswood & Suparna Rajaram

Storytelling as Adaptive Collective Sensemaking  
Lucas M. Bietti, Ottilie Tilston & Adrian Bangerter

Collaborative Remembering in Conversational Narration
Neal R. Norrick

Functions of Parental Intergenerational Narratives Told by Young People
Natalie Merrill, Jordan A. Booker & Robyn Fivush

From Conversations to Digital Communication: The Mnemonic Consequences of Consuming and Producing Information via Social Media
Charles B. Stone & Qi Wang

The Social Function of Autobiographical Stories in the Personal and Virtual World: An Initial Investigation
Nicole Alea, Susan Bluck, Emily L. Mroz & Zanique Edwards

An Evolutionary Approach to the Study of Collaborative Remembering?
Federica Amici

Reflections and Comments on Research on Memory and Conversation From an Ethnographic Perspective
Nils Dahlbäck, Mattias Forsblad & LarsChrister Hydén

Memory, Narrative, and the Consequences
Jens Brockmeier

Knowing, Remembering, and Relating to Others Online: A Commentary
Michael J. Baker & Françoise Détienne

Reflections on Conversations and Memory
Travis G. Cyr & William Hirst

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