28 July 2019

Editors’ Introduction: Remembering with others: Conversational dynamics and mnemonic outcomes

Bietti, L.M & Stone. C.B. (2019). Editors' Introduction: Remembering with others: Conversational dynamics and mnemonic outcomes. TopiCS in Cognitive Science. https://doi.org/10.1111/tops.12443

Remembering the past through conversations with others is a uniquely human endeavor. Conversational remembering consists of specific dynamics and can lead to mnemonic outcomes. While conversational dynamics refer to the interactive processes (e.g., the roles speakers and listeners may undertake during the conversation) shaping collaborative remembering, conversational outcomes are about the mnemonic and functional consequences (e.g., forging social bonds) of those processes. Thus, the aim of the present article is to introduce the reader to key concepts and paradigms that have been rigorously developed to empirically investigate the dynamics and outcomes of conversational remembering in cognitive research. The collected review and empirical articles gathered in this topic provide the stateoftheart in the field.

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