7 January 2016

Special issue: Coordination, Collaboration and Cooperation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Table of Contents
Federica Amici and Lucas M. Bietti
vii – xii

I do not understand but I care: The prosocial dog
Juliane Bräuer
341 – 360

Cooperation in primates: A critical, methodological review
Anna Albiach-Serrano
361 – 382

The evolution and development of human cooperation
Federica Amici
383 – 418

Interacting to remember at multiple timescales: Coordination, collaboration, cooperation and culture in joint remembering
Lucas M. Bietti and John Sutton
419 – 450

Collaboration in collaborative learning
Michael J. Baker
451 – 473

Coordination in language: Temporality and time-ranging
Stephen J. Cowley and Sune Vork Steffensen
474 – 494

Agreeing is not enough: The constructive role of miscommunication
Johanne Stege Bjørndahl, Riccardo Fusaroli, Svend Østergaard and Kristian Tylén
495 – 525

Nonverbal interaction patterns in the Delhi Metro: Interrogative looks and play-faces in the management of interpersonal distance
Martin Aranguren
526 – 552

Insights into coordination, collaboration, and cooperation from the behavioral and cognitive sciences: A commentary
Alan Cienki
553 – 560

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