11 August 2013

New publication: Embodied reminders in family interactions

Bietti, L.M. & Galiana Castelló, F. (2013). Embodied reminders in family interactions: Multimodal collaboration in remembering activities. Discourse Studies 15 (5) doi: 10.1177/1461445613490010 [Online before print]

Abstract: The aim of our study is to show the ways in which family members coordinate their minds, bodies and language in a functional and goal-oriented manner when they are jointly remembering shared events that they had experienced together as a group. So far, little attention has been paid to the influence that the interplay of multiple behavioral channels have in collaborative remembering in small groups. Our goal is to specifically examine the central role that direct questions have when they act as embodied reminders through the interanimation of multiple behavioral channels (language, pointing, eye-gaze, etc.) in family interactions. The video data for analysis comes from an ongoing project on how collaborative remembering takes places among small groups of Argentinean Spanish speakers as each group recalls a vacation taken together several years ago.

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