21 June 2013

Remembering: Bridging Biology and Culture

Where: Aarhus University
When: 19-21 August, 2013
Remembering was the title of Sir Frederick Bartlett’s pioneering book, which presented the theory of schemata. By letting his participant’s read a story from a cultural context very different from their own and subsequently asking them to remember it, they changed the details according to their cognitive schemata. In this year’s MindLab retreat, we focus on memory as a process. We examine the context-sensitivity of remembering from biological and cultural angles and in normal and clinical populations. We approach this subject broadly and zoom in on various processes, which come together each time we remember, and which can be initiated spontaneously as well as deliberately. These are processes related to neuro-connectivity, brain-patterns, resting state, mind wandering, episodic future thought, mental time travel, self, development, cross-cultural and historical factors. We look forward to exploring the interplay between biology and culture with you.
MINDLab is a cross-cutting neuroscience and cognition research framework at Aarhus University, funded by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation as part of the Danish government’s UNIK initiative, aiming to promote world-class research at Danish Universities.
MINDLab is based on collaborations among leading research groups across Faculties and Institutes at Aarhus University. The project addresses central scientific problems within culture, music, language and memory. Combining this knowledge with research on novel technologies to examine the living brain, and on the most devastating neurological and psychiatric disorders, we hope to create new means to preserve and recover function and quality-of-life. MINDLab will also develop new forms of teaching and sharing of knowledge, exploiting crucial synergies across traditional disciplines.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers
    Merlin Donald, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada
    Patricia J. Bauer, Emory
    David C. Rubin, Duke
    Karl Szpunar, Harvard 
    Jonathan Smallwood, MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences 
    Qi Wang, Cornell
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