7 March 2013

Review of Philosophy and Psychology: New Special Issue on Distributed Cognition and Memory Research

Editorial Notes

“Memory, Natural Kinds, and Cognitive Extension; or, Martians Don’t Remember, and Cognitive Science Is Not about Cognition”
Robert D. Rupert Pages 25-47

Alignment, Transactive Memory, and Collective Cognitive Systems
Deborah P. Tollefsen, Rick Dale, Alexandra Paxton Pages 49-64

Transactive Memory Systems: A Mechanistic Analysis of Emergent Group Memory
Georg Theiner Pages 65-89

The Adaptive Function of Distributed Remembering: Contributions to the Formation of Collective Memory
Martin M. Fagin, Jeremy K. Yamashiro, William C. Hirst Pages 91-106

The Cognitive Integration of E-Memory
Robert W. Clowes Pages 107-133

Scaffolded Memory and Metacognitive Feelings
Santiago Arango-Muñoz Pages 135-152

Distributed Remembering Through Active Structuring of Activities and Environments
Nils Dahlbäck, Mattias Kristiansson, Fredrick Stjernberg Pages 153-165

Is my Memory an Extended Notebook?
Paul Loader Pages 167-184

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