28 October 2012

New publication: How history shapes memories in autobiographical narratives

Bietti, L & Medina, R. (2012). How History Shapes Memories in Autobiographical Narratives. Social and Education History, 1(3), 222-247.doi:10.4471/hse.2012.15
Abstract. This article examines the interaction between the processes of autobiographical memory in relation to the military dictatorship of 1976-1983 in Argentina and the narrations constructed and communicated by these practices. In this context the article goes over the experiences of a former political dissident in 1970s in Argentina and constructs a self-narration which leads to a sense of this life in history. The results of the connection and synchronization of the autobiographical experiences in a much broader social context made them much more meaningful. Thus, these autobiographical narratives also indicate the ways in which significant historical events mold individual subjectivities.

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