1 February 2012

New book on Memory and Embodiment

Sabine C. Koch (Heidelberg), Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg), Michela Summa (Heidelberg) and Cornelia Müller (Frankfurt Oder) has recently published an edited interdisciplinary volume on memory, embodiment and metaphor. This new book is the 84 volume of the Advances in Consciousness Research series edited by Maxim I. Stamenow for John Benjamins.

Body Memory, Metaphor and Movement is an interdisciplinary volume with contributions from philosophers, cognitive scientists, and movement therapists. Part one provides the phenomenologically grounded definition of body memory with its different typologies. Part two follows the aim to integrate phenomenology, conceptual metaphor theory, and embodiment approaches from the cognitive sciences for the development of appropriate empirical methods to address body memory. Part three inquires into the forms and effects of therapeutic work with body memory, based on the integration of theory, empirical findings, and clinical applications. It focuses on trauma treatment and the healing power of movement. The book also contributes to metaphor theory, application and research, and therefore addresses metaphor researchers and linguists interested in the embodied grounds of metaphor. Thus, it is of particular interest for researchers from the cognitive sciences, social sciences, and humanities as well as clinical practitioners.

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