26 December 2011

Culture, Communication and Cognition: Explaining Cognitive-Cultural Components of Media and Communication

Call for papers 

Where: Lublin, Poland
When: 7-9, May 2012

Keynote Speaker 

Conference Aims and Topics 
The conference is to provide a platform for an interdisciplinary discussion of the interrelations between culture, cognition and communication, with special attention to the cultural and cognitive roles of writing and other media. Anthropologists, communication 
studies researchers, sociologists, psychologists, philosophers and cognitive scientists are encouraged to challenge ideas concerning the cognitive and cultural functions of communication, language and media – thereby building upon the work of such scholars as Innis, McLuhan, Goody, Havelock, Ong, Olson and Vygotsky. Of particular interest are submissions that explore the interrelations between cognitive science and theories of media and communications, which might be pursued from any of a number of theoretical positions, including: media ecology, medium theory and literacy-orality theory, speech-act theory, critical discourse analysis, semiotics of culture, theory of communicative action and communicology. 

Topics on which we would like to focus during conference include: 
- Conceptual, methodological and theoretical problems faced by theories of media and communication – technological determinism, cognitive relativism, ethnocentrism, etc. 
- Media versus cultural practices 
- Semiotic analyses of language, speech, discourse, metaphor, etc. 
- The cognitive perspective on communication phenomena 
- Thinking through language, tools, instruments, information technologies and media 
- Media and extended mind  (situated cognition) 
- Human-computer communication 
- Modes and models of rationality in media, communication undertakings and environments 
- Cognitive Science in a historical perspective: logical empiricism and its contribution to understanding of language and communication 
- Intercultural perspectives on communication – contrastive studies on media and discourse, global communication studies, intercultural clashes and misunderstandings 

ABSTRACTS between 300 – 500 words are to be accepted till February 29th, 2012 
Abstracts are double-blind peer-reviewed 
Language of the presentations:  English or Polish. 
Are to be submitted by easy chair conference  system. In order to make a submission follow the link:

Conference website: 

* Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland 

* Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw, Poland 
* Polish Society for Cognitive Science

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