6 October 2011


When: June 11-12, 2012               
Where: Center on Autobiographical Memory Research, Aarhus University
It is a great pleasure for the Center on Autobiographical Memory Research at Aarhus University to invite you to participate in the conference
Clinical Perspectives on Autobiographical Memory

which takes place in Aarhus, Denmark,
 11th-12th June, 2012.
The goal of the conference is to facilitate scientific exchange in the rapidly growing research area of autobiographical memory and psychopathology. The conference brings together some of the most outstanding researchers in this area, who will present their key findings, theories and perspectives on the field. In addition, we invite everyone to submit poster presentations describing some of their most recent and exciting findings concerning autobiographical memory and psychopathology.
Confirmed speakers include :
·         Dorthe Berntsen, Aarhus University
·         Richard A. Bryant, University of New South Wales
·         Anke Ehlers, King's College London
·         Dirk Hermans, University of Leuven
·         Emily A. Holmes, University of Oxford
·         Richard J. McNally, Harvard University
·         Michelle L. Moulds, University of New South Wales
·         David C. Rubin, Duke University
·         Edward R. Watkins, University of Exeter
·         J. Mark G. Williams, University of Oxford
The field of autobiographical memory has grown dramatically over the last decades and has demonstrated its potential in numerous ways. It has shown its relevance to the understanding of common clinical disorders, such as depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Clinical psychologists commonly investigate changes in autobiographical memory as a function of psychopathology.  They aim to understand the mechanisms underlying autobiographical memory during psychopathology and furthermore develop appropriate evidence-based treatments for autobiographical memory deficits and psychopathology.  Cognitive psychologists have more frequently investigated autobiographical memory during healthy cognition.  As with clinical psychologists, they seek to understand the mechanisms underlying autobiographical memory and develop testable models.  
The goal of the conference is to enhance scientific exchange between researchers with different backgrounds but with a shared interest in reaching a deeper understanding of autobiographical memory in psychopathology.
Central themes include:
·         Overgeneral autobiographical memories and their mechanism
·         Intrusive and involuntary autobiographical memories
·         Trauma and autobiographical memory
·         Treatment implications of autobiographical memory research
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