11 October 2011

1st International Conference on Interactivity, Language and Cognition (CILC)

Where: University of Southern Denmark, Odense Campus
When: 12-14 September 2012 (DLG Research cluster workshops 11 September)

Contact: Sune Vork Steffensen
Meeting email: cilc2012 [at] language.sdu.dk
Meeting URL: 

Meeting description:
The Distributed Language Group (DLG) and the Institute of Language and Communication, University of Southern Denmark, cordially invite you to take part in the 1st International Conference on Interactivity, Language and Cognition (CILC). The aim of the conference is to place the study of human interactivity, including language and cognition, within the context of human culture and the life sciences. With its trans-disciplinary agenda, CILC invites researchers from linguistics, cognitive science, psychology, anthropology, biology, etc., to address the following research questions:

(1)     How do the interbodily dynamics of human interactivity shape languaging and in turn how does languaging shape the dynamics of human interactivity?
(2)     How do linguistic, symbolic and gestural structures constrain these interbodily dynamics?
(3)     How are human agency, the cultural order, technology, landscapes and ecosystems influenced by the talk, texts, and material products of human languaging?

We invite submissions of abstracts for papers and posters, presenting current research addressing Interactivity, Language and Cognition, preferably related to the distributed language and cognition movement. Paper presentations are planned as 30-minute talks (including questions). In order to create a stimulating intellectual environment, all papers will be given in plenary. Posters will be presented throughout the conference.

Please submit your abstract at 

In recent years, cognitive science has been increasingly influenced by a distributed approach to cognition. On the distributed view, cognition is traced to how human beings integrate neural, bodily and extra-corporeal events and activities. Cognition goes beyond the brain and the individual body, and its basis lies in interactivity or how agents connect with each other both directly and through material and symbolic artefacts. Taking this approach into the realm of human language, language is viewed as a shared activity of languaging, with emphasis falling on how the materiality of symbolic resources constrains the bodily and cognitive dynamics of human beings.
Accordingly, a distributed approach to language and cognition is pursued by treating languaging as pivotal to social, cultural and biological development and maintenance. Thus description and explanation of linguistic activities are carried out with regard to verbal patterns, sociocultural practices, and, just as crucially, the real-time embodied interactivity that links people within their environments.

Invited speakers:
•       David Kirsh (University of California at San Diego)
•       Nigel Love (University of Cape Town)
•       Bert Hodges (Gordon College and University of Connecticut)
•       Susan Duncan (University of Chicago)
•       Alexander Kravchenko (Baikal National University of Economics and Law)
•       Steve Thorne (Portland State University and University of Groningen)
•       Stephen Cowley (University of Hertfordshire)

Conference fees:
Registration fee for participants is 200 EURO (before 1 June 2012) and 225 EURO (no later than 15 August 2012). For Ph.D. students and participants from countries listed as ‘low economic resources
countries’ by the World Bank, the fee is 120 EURO. Fees include the conference kit, lunches and coffee breaks (conference dinner is not included).

Abstract submission: for the full Call for Papers in pdf and information on hotel reservations, conference dinner and conference tour, please check the conference website: 

January 31st, 2012: Abstract submissions
April 15th: Notice of acceptance
June 1st: Early Bird registration closes
August 15th: Registration closes

Organizing Committee
Sune Vork Steffensen (chair)
Steven Breunig
Astrid Jensen
Christian Mosbæk Johannessen
Sarah Bro Pedersen
Lone Marianne Willemoes
Stephen Cowley (University of Hertfordshire)
Paul Thibault (Agder University and Hong Kong University)

Scientific Committee
Natalia Abieva
Phil Carr
Hannele Dufva
Don Favareau
Paul Hopper
Timo Järvilehto
Per Linell
Robert Port
Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi
Piere Steiner
John Sutton
Fred Vallée-Tourangeau

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