2 April 2011

Working Memory Discussion Meeting

Call for papers

Working Memory Discussion Meeting

Where: Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

When: June 22-24

The working memory discussion meetings, which have now been running for well over 20 years, offer an opportunity to engage in discussion of research about working memory in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. It is not intended to be a conference, but instead to provide an opportunity for those attending to present data, work-in-progress, and discuss recent theoretical and methodological developments. There is therefore no formal programme as such; the meeting consists of short presentations, each followed by discussion and question sessions which are usually of around the same duration as the initial presentation. The order of presentations is decided at the beginning of the meeting, but importantly everyone attending who wishes to will have an opportunity to present something at some stage. On the other hand, there is no compulsion to give a presentation. The subject matter ranges widely, but should have at least some relevance to working memory, even if this is only in the most general way. Talks typically last 10 minutes, and are followed by at least 10 minutes of discussion and conversation.


If you have any queries or want any information about the working memory discussion meetings, please contact me via one of the following methods:

Please also feel free to visit my QMU homepage at http://www.qmu.ac.uk/psych/staff/Darling.htm

Email: sdarling@qmu.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 1314740000 (Ask for “Stephen Darling”)

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