16 March 2011

Social Representations of Urban Places and Environment: Images, Memory and Identity

Call for papers

"Social Representations of Urban Places and Environment: Images, Memory and Identity"

At the European PhD on Social Representations & Communication Research Center and Multimedia LAB,

Where: P.za d'Ara Coeli 1, Rome-Italy

When: July 8-20th


The objective of this Erasmus Intensive Programme is to continue the annual 12-day long International Summer School of the European PhD on Social Representations and Communication which, since 1995, has been offering advanced training to young researchers in key areas of social psychology with wide applications in the public and private sectors on issues including the information society, science popularisation, new socialization and communication strategies, and applied research crucial to health, the environment, political life, social minorities, gender, etc. It has has helped to reinforce the intellectual leadership of European Social Psychology and is now well established as a permanent European forum for disseminating state of the art research in this area.

Systematic co-operation among European researchers remains one of the fundamental prerequisites for meeting the goals of the ERA and EHEA and the European PhD's International Summer School has played and will continue to play an active role in promoting "internationalization" of European Higher Education, taking it beyond the walls of academia, and contributing to the diversity of experience for the trainees involved. Target groups include research trainees enrolled in the European PhD on S.R. & C., postgraduates and research trainees in other national PhD programmes, as well as special target groups with access difficulties, such as women, the disabled and researchers from less favoured EU regions who can profit from the ODL training system and the network's long-term after-event dissemination of multimedia products. 40 applicants (20 who will physically attend the event funded by this IP contract and 20 who will attend on-line via the European PhD web-auditorium for a wider dissemination of the scientific event) will be selected respectively from: partner Universities of this EU IP consortium (according to the new IP series LLP eligibility criteria) and from the wider scenario of partner universities of the EU approved SoReCom Thematic Network who are not members of the European PhD on S.R. & C.

Summer school activities include face-to-face workshops, lectures, and presentations as well as mediated virtual events such as Internet forum discussions, web videoconferencing, and streaming videos. Important themes are discussed at individual, group and plenary levels on the same day, guaranteeing learning of unusual intensity and quality. Young researchers are assisted in making appointments to meet personally and discuss particular issues with guest speakers.

The 2011 Edition of the International Summer Schools will be held on the 08th - 20th of July at the European Ph.D on Social Representations and Communication Research Centre and Multimedia lab. It will be focussed on “Social Representations of Urban Places and Environment: Images, Memory and Identity”, a topic which is at the same time the genesis and the core of the theoretical and empirical research field launched in 1961 by Serge Moscovici.

Besides the European PhD scientific co-ordinator, Annamaria de Rosa (Sapienza University, Italy), the professors who have already confirmed their participation include: Valérie Haas (Université de Lyon 2, France), Guan Jian (University of Nankai, Cina), Denise Jodelet (E.H.E.S.S., France), Radim Marada (Masayk University of Brno, Czech Republic), and Michel Morin (Université de Provence, France).

As in the previous events, the 17th edition of the International Summer School will integrate face-to-face and on-line communication. Therefore, in addition to the restricted number of the participants who will attend the event at the European PhD. on S.R. & C. Research Centre and Multi-media Lab in Rome, the participation of other selected applicants will be possible from any worldwide location via an interactive web-conference system (a specific basic and advanced training will be offered at the beginning of the event).

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