22 November 2010

III Jornadas Historia, Memoria y Comunicación

Third Conference on History, Memory and Communication

When: 18-19 May 2011

Where: Bernal, Buenos Aires

Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina

Call for submission of papers

The conferences are an annual academic space for reflection on the conceptual triad that identifies problem: history / memory / communication. It is proposing an atmosphere of exchange and production of knowledge between researchers linked to the issue, that contributes to strengthening the field of study and that in turn challenged the participants with questions and debates that are academic but also ethical and political. The language of the conference is Spanish.
Promoted from the curricular areas of History of Media and Communication Systems and Workshop on Media and Social Memory, belonging to the Degree in Social Communication, in its first two editions were held from regarding disciplinary panels for presentations on various media issues such as dictatorship, different vectors of social memory and thoughts on the responsibilities. In 2011 the tables, devoted to two specific themes will be complemented by an instance of Working from anopen call for researchers at all levels and geographies. From a general framework not meant to be restrictive with respect to specific approaches, the Forum will seek energize a collective discussion on the basis of written work that can bring in a dialogue of knowledge to a joint construction of common questions.
The Working Groups will be held in person on Wednesday 18 May 1915 to 19. The themes proposed in this Third Conference are:
1. "Trials of the past, trials of this"
2. "Falklands war in memory"

Delivery of work (without previous abstracts):
April 8, 2011.
Papers should be sent to: dbadenes@unq.edu.ar - lgrassi@unq.edu.ar

Characteristic of the work:
It delivered short speeches. The papers may not exceed 8 pages, including references, bibliographies, tables, graphs and so on.
The presentation should include:
- Title / Subtitle
- First and last names of authors
- E-mail
- Institutional Membership

- 5 to 8 pages.
- A4 sheet, margins 2 cm, numbered footnote.
- Times New Roman 12 pt. 1.5 space
- Bibliography at the end

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